In order to keep everyone safe we have a few guidelines to which we ask our paddlers to adhere to. Please read the following carefully.

  1. I am able to paddle from a standing position comfortably and control my board in moderate conditions.
  2. I agree to wear a leash at all times when paddling.
  3. I agree to dress appropriately for my ability and the prevailing conditions.
  4. I agree to disclose any medical conditions that might affect my safety whilst taking part in paddleboarding.
  5. I agree to paddle as part of an organised group and act upon guidance given in order to keep myself and other paddlers safe.
  6. I agree to hold third party insurance and local licenses as appropriate.
  7. I understand that I must assess my own ability to participate in any JSC paddle safely.
  8. I understand that as a member of a club the organisers have no liability in the event of accident or injury.
  9. I agree to promote Jurassic SUP positively and support the growth of this amazing activity.